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5 Seconds Of Summer Laugh As They Are Caught In The Rain

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My favorite way to blow off steam is to sing obnoxiously loud in the shower.

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I trained myself to dance in very high heels. I have a rule that my dancers have to wear their heels when I’m wearing my heels. They say, ‘Please take your shoes off, Beyoncé.’ At home, I’m always barefoot. And I have a heavy walk without heels. When they hear me thumping through the house, they say, ‘Oh—Beyoncé’s up!’” 

Harry visits the Rojo Tango show at the Faena Hotel in Bueno Aires. - 5/05

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Amnesia Still // Behind the Scenes

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heeeey ok so i havent done a follow forever in like a year and ive followed and made friends with a lot of new people so why not make a 2nd follow forever??!

also im really sorry if i forgot u, i have alot of mutuals. 

OH and this rad edit was made by ali - zaynalprobe (thank u so much)


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Thank you all so much for making my dash awesome!!

You’re the cutest. Thank you!
Lots of love. :)

god bless you Dylan

x x

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make me choose : theolpha asked nicola peltz or dane dehaan

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"it’s like One Direction but slightly less gay"

—comment i saw on youtube under the “don’t stop” video by 5sos. nicee

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